Over the course of the last five years the market for plantation shutters has grown exponentially as homeowners and businessmen have discovered the beauty of this modern alternative to other forms of window covering. With clean lines, a choice of materials and colours, and offering unrivalled security, plantation shutters are set for even more rapid growth in the next five years, and our franchisees are ready to experience an even greater surge to their incomes. Now is the time to get on board and join the Lifetime® Shutters family!

The Shutters

The shutters we produce are each hand-crafted to the highest standards in a choice of materials and colours. A wide range of styles ensures that every customer can choose the perfect shutters to complement their rooms, whether a totally modern look or more classic.

Windows come in a very large number of different styles and shapes, and so do Lifetime® Shutters. No matter the size or shape of a window, there will be a choice of shutter styles and colours that are guaranteed to fit. Plantation shutters can in addition be used as room dividers or for bespoke wardrobe doors.


Lifetime® Shutters can be made in a choice of different styles – made to measure for every different window – so there will be something to suit the needs of every customer.

  • Full Height
  • Café Style
  • Tier-on-Tier
  • Solid Panel
  • Special Shape
  • Commercial Shutters


Lifetime® Shutters can be made from the finest premium hardwoods, man-made uPVC, or super-strength MDF, for outstanding performance and years of service.

  • ecowood®
  • Biowood PLUS®
  • Green®
  • Supreme®
  • EARTH®


Lifetime® Shutters are offered in a wide choice of different paint colours and stains, although not every colour option is available with some materials.

  • Custom Colour Option
  • 20 Painted Colours
  • 10 Brushed Colours
  • 20 Wood Stains

Nothing Short Of...

Every Lifetime® Shutter is hand-crafted by artisans to the highest possible standards. Each shutter is built to the exact last millimetre to ensure a perfect fit for the window for which it is designed.

The shutters are produced in China by Anyhoo® - one of the largest shutter manufacturer in the world, employing artisans using the very latest technology combined with traditional craftsmanship. Where the shutter is made of wood, it is only the finest premium hardwood that is employed, and it is quarter-sawn and kiln dried. It is stored in conditions of constant temperature and humidity which ensure that the finished product will not warp or twist.

... The Highest Quality

Built in a wide range of premium materials starting with MDF and hardwood through to water resistant uPVC, the shutters we use are manufactured to suit the most various windows shapes and openings. Our shutters are very efficient in insulating homes for both temperature and noise, but also for increasing privacy and providing effective light control.

Further details can be found on our consumer site, please click here to learn more details:



Energy Efficient Windows

Some 80% of the heat lost in a home can be lost through the windows. Windows with a single pane of glass are notoriously inefficient, losing heat in the winter, and letting it in during the summer, causing heating or cooling bills to rocket.

Today’s windows use double, or even triple, glazing, and employ the very latest in glass technology which means that considerable savings can be made on energy bills as well as benefiting the environment. Indeed, the savings made can be so great that the cost of having new windows installed can often be recovered in a very few years.

Windows Styles and Materials

Lifetime® Shutters & Windows can produce and install energy-efficient windows to fit any budget, using the latest high-tech materials and technology. You can cover the cost of an installation in a few short years with the savings made on heating and/or cooling. Your home will benefit from the kerb appeal of installing new windows, and your pocket will thank you. Add to that the outstanding service you get from Lifetime® Shutters & Windows and you have the best of all possible worlds!

  • PVC-U Sash Windows
  • PVC-U Casement Windows
  • PVC-U Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Timber Sash Windows
  • Timber Casement Windows
  • Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

Lifetime® Shutters is a trading name of Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd who licenses the name ‘LIFETIME SHUTTERS & WINDOWS’ to a carefully selected network of independent franchisees across the UK. All franchisees have to adhere to strict franchise guidelines to ensure a consistent high quality of service.

Interested in becoming a franchisee?

If you are interested in taking things a step further, simply call our CEO on 0208 940 1418 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment when we can go into full detail.