Here Are The Answers To F.A.Q’s

We understand only too well that considering an investment in a business with which you may not be familiar is bound to bring up many questions.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we have been asked – all of which are very fair requests. No doubt you will have more, but these are the ones most often asked. If you cannot find the answer here, please just send an email to and our Franchise Manager will be delighted to help.

A few frequently asked questions

You own it. Pure and simple. It is your business, registered in your name, or that of your limited company if you choose. We simply run your business for you. The only thing that we will own is the Lifetime® Shutters name. Put simply, although you will own the business you do not have to lift a finger!

While we operate the business, using the skills that we have honed over the last 13 years, we don’t make a penny until we have achieved your guaranteed monthly target figure and it is paid to you. Your investment is paid off over the first two years (or possibly even sooner), and from that point onwards you are forever in profit. We only begin to make any profit after we have achieved the guaranteed figure, so it is in our best interests to ensure that maximum sales are achieved from day one.

We have an algorithm backed up by statistics which we will show you. It ensures that the geographical area your showroom will cover has sufficient potential customers to sustain your business for the long haul. Remember that we are in this for the long term too, so it would not make any sense for us to restrict the showroom of any franchisee to an area with a limited potential. Our intention is to make the name Lifetime® Shutters synonymous with plantation shutters in the same way that McDonald’s is with burgers or Bernard Matthews is with turkeys.

Of course, you may also conduct your own research. If you consider that the area we offer is too small, it’s very simple: don’t invest.

We have calculated a figure that will be sufficient to set up your business and have it running at capacity in the shortest amount of time possible. For your own protection we cannot display this on an open web page, but it is almost certainly considerably less than you might imagine, and definitely nowhere near approaching the sort of figure that is required by the majority of franchise operators. All you need to do is to make a call to us and of course we will be happy to go into depth with you concerning all the figures – not just the initial investment, but profit projections too. After all, profit is what we are all about.

We also have relationships with banks and some financial institutions which understand the potential of the Lifetime® Shutters brand and our company values, and accordingly are prepared to assist investors who may wish to take part in our massive expansion programme.

It’s very simple. It is your business, so you can do with it whatever you wish. We anticipate that some of our franchisees may reach a point where they can make a very large profit by selling their business on. That is entirely up to the individual franchisee, and since he or she is the business owner we have no say or control over such a decision.

Our CEO is ready, willing, and able to meet with any potential franchisee and discuss all the available options. Call him now on 0208 940 1418 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment when he can answer all your questions without any obligation.

Lifetime® Shutters is a trading name of Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd who licenses the name ‘LIFETIME SHUTTERS & WINDOWS’ to a carefully selected network of independent franchisees across the UK. All franchisees have to adhere to strict franchise guidelines to ensure a consistent high quality of service.


If you think that a Lifetime Shutters® franchise might be a good investment for you, then let’s talk! Obviously you will have a considerable number of questions, and we have the answers.
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