Our managed franchise opportunity is not for everyone. We will only offer a franchise to people who we know we can trust to expand our mutual business for the benefit of all involved.

Compare That With Shares

Compare that with investing in the shares of a company. The share price can go down as well as up, and what you receive depends on how well, or otherwise, the company performs. Furthermore, you never get your investment back until you sell the shares, and if the share price has dropped you either take a loss on your investment or have to hang on in the hope that the share price will rise again.

With a Lifetime® Shutters franchise you invest your money in your own business, have experts run it for you, and get a guaranteed monthly income for the first two years, after which every penny is profit. The more profits your business makes the more profit we make so it is in all our interests for us to go for maximum sales. You also have the option to invest in another showroom at any time which we will set up and run on exactly the same terms. So once you have “put your toe in the water” if you are happy with what you see you can invest further and make even more substantial profits.

What happens if we don’t reach your guaranteed figure in a month? Well, of course, this could happen, but with the benefit of our experienced sales and installation teams it is unlikely. If this should arise we will perform a quarterly balance which will compensate for the under-performing month.

How do you know what the figures are? Quite simply, you will have remote access to the management application of your showroom so that you can see exactly what the figures are at any given moment.

Now we have covered just the basics here, but you will obviously have many other questions to which you will want the answers, and it is quite right that you should have them.

A Unique Opportunity

When you invest in a Lifetime® Shutters franchise you are essentially opening your own business – but you don’t have to do any of the work!

Every penny of your investment goes into opening your new showroom and setting up the business. We then run the business for you, giving you a guaranteed monthly return which is designed to see your investment repaid in full in the course of two years. Since your return is guaranteed we don’t make a penny until we have reached your guaranteed figure each month. In a sense we operate your business as your employees with the exception that we earn nothing until your guarantee figure has been hit, so it is obviously very much in our interests to ensure that we make as many sales as possible.

By working this way, you get the benefit of our experience, our trained showroom and sales staff, and our installation team. After the first two years you have your investment back and you are now running totally in profit for evermore.

Lifetime® Shutters is a trading name of Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd who licenses the name ‘LIFETIME SHUTTERS & WINDOWS’ to a carefully selected network of independent franchisees across the UK. All franchisees have to adhere to strict franchise guidelines to ensure a consistent high quality of service.

Interested in becoming a franchisee?

If you are interested in taking things a step further, simply call our CEO on 0208 940 1418 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment when we can go into full detail.