About Us

Over the past thirteen years Lifetime® Shutters has developed from humble beginnings to become the leading manufacturer and installer of plantation shutters in the UK.

We have achieved this through the expert advice we have offered to customers when choosing their shutters, and producing a first class survey ensuring that the shutters fit perfectly when they are installed.

Furthermore, we refuse to undertake any “hard sell” tactics or offer fake discounts, preferring to offer Lifetime® Shutters customers honest advice so that they can decide for themselves. We give fair quotes based on our accurate and high quality surveys. This policy ensures that every customer enjoys a superlative purchasing experience from the first visit to the completion of their installation – reflected in the very high percentage of recommendations that we receive.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Imagine investing in a business which enjoys 60% of its’ sales from recommendations by existing customers. With the Lifetime® Shutters investment opportunity that is exactly what you get. This means that we do not have to spend a small fortune on advertising (although, of course we do undertake some advertising) which in turn means that our prices remain competitive while at the same time we enjoy a greater percentage of profit. As a Lifetime® Shutters franchisee your business will rapidly grow to the point where it enjoys the same percentage of sales by way of recommendation.

A Business On the Brink Of An Explosion In Sales!

Plantation shutters, as they are known, are poised on the brink of an incredible increase in sales in the UK. Over the last few years there has been a movement towards shutters as the ideal form of window covering, since they let in light and air, help to keep heat in during colder weather, and they offer complete privacy. They also help to keep down exterior sounds or noise which makes them ideal for the many families who live on a busy street.

Shutters are not only employed in family homes. They are being accepted more and more by businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, and offices, to name only a few commercial outlets.

As the leading supplier of shutters in the UK our sales are set to soar exponentially. Now is the ideal time to invest and enjoy the booming profits in the years ahead. Our shutters can be crafted to fit any window of any size or shape, so in effect every building owner in the UK is a potential customer! The shutters also come with a range of different options and can be made of MDF, ABS thermoplastic, or real hardwood, according to the customer’s choice. A variety of colours is also offered, so there is a shutter to suit everyone and every budget.

Quality For A Lifetime Of Service

All Lifetime® Shutters are manufactured using traditional skills handed down by our forefathers combined with the very latest in technological advances. For example, all of the wood that is use in our hardwood shutters is kiln dried to within a certain humidity tolerance. All the wood stiles are reinforced with multiple layers which are bonded with heat, pressure, and a proprietary chemical which ensures that they will not warp or twist, and can tolerate the attentions of boisterous children or pets. Mortise and tenon joints are used throughout - the strongest joints known in woodworking.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our watchwords and in order to ensure perfection every shutter is subject to no less than 25 different quality control checks during the production process.

When our customers invest in Lifetime® Shutters they receive shutters that will, indeed, last them a lifetime. Not only do the shutters add grace and elegance to any window, they also add value to a property, making it more attractive to any potential purchaser.

Lifetime® Shutters is also a proud member of Checkatrade.com where we enjoy an overall average score of no less than 9.88 out of 10 based on 520 customer reviews. It is almost impossible for any business to have a higher rating.

Lifetime® Shutters is a trading name of Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd who licenses the name ‘LIFETIME SHUTTERS & WINDOWS’ to a carefully selected network of independent franchisees across the UK. All franchisees have to adhere to strict franchise guidelines to ensure a consistent high quality of service.


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